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About me

Well, if you reading this you want to know a little more about me and my business.

My name is Tyler, I spent years in professional kitchens, learning the ins and outs of the culinary world. This gave me the perspective of how our tools at hand have a huge impact on how we do our job, whether it is at work or home. 

What I noticed was every time I went over to a friend's or family event, no joke.... I always said to myself "I should've brought my own knives." It didn't matter what knife I would pull out, every single one would be DULL! This is what started me on my journey to sharpening other people's knives. I have a passion for a sharp edge and customer satisfaction.

What I do

I use a combination of tools and machinery to obtain a sharp edge. This gives me many options to form a quality edge that will work best for your particular uses.

What I use​

My tools for success

I use many different tools to obtain the perfect edge, some of them include:

Twice as Sharp

This is the primary machine I use for scissors. As the name suggests it really does get the scissor blade twice as sharp. It allows me to get precise angles on scissors since there are so many different types and styles.

Belt Sander

The belt sander can make quick work of anything. A steady hand is required as you use this machine. My primary use for this guy is for knife sharpening/repairs and garden tools.

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