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My Mission

One Sharp Guy is a service for all your sharpening needs, the idea is to make your life easier. We do offer mobile service depending on volume of items and distance. Our commitment is to customer service and giving you that extra sharp edge. We sharpen a wide variety of knives, gardening tools, scissors, shears etc.. Don't settle for a dull knife, let us help. 


If you don't see what you are looking for below, just ask.

Prices are subject to change.

Damaged or heavily dulled items are subject to additional cost.

Kitchen knives

4 inches & under: $5.00

7 inches & under: $8.00

Over 7 inches: $10.00

Serrated knives:

5 inches & under: $8.00

Over 5 inches: $11.00

Gardening tools

Hand pruners: $7.00

Pruning shears: $12.00

Loppers: $8.00

Grass Shears: $8.00

Axe: $13.00

Hatchet: $10.00

Shovel/hoe: $9.00

Machete: $16.00

Mower blades $14.00

Electric/gas Hedge trimmers: $45.00



Basic household scissors: $7.00

Large scissors : $12.00

Speciality scissors: $15.00

Salon/Grooming shears $35.00-45..00

Sporting knives

Pocket knives: price varies with size and style.

Fixed blade hunting knives: price varies with size and style.

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